Listening and story telling – a huge part of leadership DNA

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been busy researching further into the importance and relevence of listening and story telling as part of individual leadership DNA.

The ability to understand the basic elements of listening and story telling, once mastered and understood, can lead to real advancement in both communication and relationship development.

I intend to introduce these skill sets into my leadership portfolio by the end of October, and see this as a real opportunity to help clients better understand not only themselves, but also the importance of these behaviours.

It will be an exciting close to the week for m.h Coaching & Leadership as I will be working in partnership for the first time with Stuart Blyth, CEO of From Pitch to Boardroom at UCFB Burnley, beginning with my ‘Manager’s Team Talk’ in the home dressing room at Turf Moor.

Next week’s blog will give you an update as to how my debut went with the students.


Legacy Building

Week commencing 21st September 2015 is turning out to be one of the most important weeks in the short life of m.h Coaching & Leadership.

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday see me meeting with three potential clients to establish and agree exciting partnerships, all of which are designed to leave lifetime legacies with the people it affects.

All of these partnerships will encourage and allow m.h Coaching & Leadership the opportunity of creating and sharing the benefits of values, behaviours and ethics within both the business and sport arenas.

Exciting times indeed!


Goodbye summer, moving into a new season

I’m back and refreshed from my wonderful summer break, which consisted of ten days in Portugal and a week in the west coast of Scotland.

   megan and me

I’m a great believer in rest and reflection. This allows me time to take stock of both my personal and professional blessings. This quiet time inspires me to draw on my character and wisdom to design new programmes for my clients.

On my return to work, I’m currently focussing on consolidating my exisiting client base with a couple of new and exciting ventures possibly on the horizon.

Finally, I was so sad to hear of the death this week of one of my influential mentors Saul Sacks, former Chairman of  South Africa football team, Arcadia Shepherds. He was and still is a huge influence in both my personal and professional life. My love and best wishes go to his family at this time.

saul sacks

Business Overview

Upon my return from Romania, I am pleased to report that new business continues to appear in the forms of head teacher leadership programmes, repeat business from existing clients followed up with two very exciting negotiations with Leeds Metropolitan University and a medium sized pub company in the North-East.

I’m feeling very blessed.


A life changing week away in Romania…

I’ve had the most amazing week away working with 110 orphaned children in Romania. This was my second year over there and I must say that it was one of the most humbling experiences I have ever had.

Even though these children had very little, from a material perspective, their love of life and football had to be seen to be believed. It may turn out that one of our Premier League clubs could possibly be interested in one of the young players.

I was working with the children not only on football, but as a mentor and life skills coach. They were like sponges; taking everything in and hanging on every word.

It was amazing.

A player for the future
A player for the future
Brilliant two-touch skills
Brilliant two-touch skills

Realise what’s really important

Just reflecting today on what it means to be a role model, and being able to leave legacies with everyone you meet. 

Lead with compassion, realise what really is important, declare and be brave whilst being yourself at all times. 

“…Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”

 Believe this quote. 


Next week will see the conclusion of my Year 5 pupil behavioural project with two large primary schools in Carlisle.

The measureable differences are now plain to see and both head teachers, as well as staff, have been very complimentary so far about the outcomes of the project, i.e. changing children’s lives.

I am also busy preparing for two very significant business pitches which will see my company move to a higher level in terms of profile and accountability. So, the positioning of the feautures, advantages and benefits must be paramount, and again led by my ‘we don’t want to change you, just add to you’ ethos.

Time for reflection…

I’ve been lucky enough this week to have a couple of days on my own away from the pressures of personal and professional life.

Really enjoyed being on my own in total solitude, where I have been able to reflect, listen and understand better the purpose and impact of my business.

There has been a realisation that at times I may not always gain repeat business from my clients, but understand that leaving a one-off legacy is a huge part of what I do.

Listening, and I mean really listening, to everything that is being communicated to you from both an external and internal perspective, is a gift and needs to be discerned with a real power of humility.

…sorry if this is a bit heavy for a Friday morning, but thought I would share some of my thoughts with you!

I’m really excited about next week’s opportunities with my clients, which include self-realisation coaching, session five of the Carlisle school projects and a senior leadership one-to-one self-development mentoring session.

Hope everybody has a great weekend!


  “Be a good listener. Your ears will never get you in trouble!”

Marketing Monday Fun-day

Spending time today letting the creative juices flow with my PR director, Sarah.

Trying to get down on paper exactly what it is we do at m.h Coaching and Leadership.

Having faith in the dream and the legacy that we bring. Sharing with humility some of the wonderfully honest testimonials that a few of my clients have shared with me.

Legacy is a wonderful thing.

flyer image

dad and sarah