” Why were you not there dad “

As I have mentioned, my dad was my biggest fan. He never missed a game I played in.

However, he missed my debut at Bolton Wanderers !! For over 30 years ” The ” Elephant in the room ” had remained between us.

Then one day in 2011, I heard the Mike and the Mechanics record, In the living years. Now if you are not aware of the lyrics, it is about a father and son who do not communicate well. The father dies and his son wishes he had told him so many things more, in his fathers the living years.

I was driving at the time. So I turned my car around, bought the CD at The Metro Centre and headed off to meet my dad. Mum was panicking, as I never usually just turn up! I said that I needed to talk with dad and not to worry. Closing the door, I put on the CD, asking him to please listen to the amazing words which were to follow.

When the CD was finished, he said. ” All right, what do you want to know” I then asked him why he did not come to see me make my debut. Because that game was his, as much as mine!

Tears began to flow, from his eyes. Only the second time I had ever seen this happen. Then he told me why. It is my biggest regret in my life son and I wish that I could turn back time. I did not want to be there in case you were not good enough and were made to look like a fool!!!!

We fell into each others arms, tears rolling down our cheeks. The “Elephant in the room” had disappeared.

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