Knowing who you really are !

2020 is going to represent a totally new decade in all of our lives. One in which we can make the crucial decisions about who we really are and what we want our lives to look like..

These are our choices! But, we certainly do not have to make these decisions on our own. There are so many ways to enable us to be brave in our transition journey. Relationships and communication skills are massive when it comes to our emotional wellbeing. Believe it or not, so is listening. Really listening.

When we listen to our heart, our emotions, our fears, our bodies, other peoples so called greater opinions and of course, that still small voice which has been sitting on our shoulder for, however so many years now. You know the one I mean !

Being brave and looking at the person in the mirror staring back at you. Do you still know that person, or have the pressures of survival totally engulfed your personal reality.

We wear the mask, bottle up our hearts, so that they will never again be broken. The loss of that special person, the pain of that relationship breakdown. The lack of self-esteem, body image, bullying friends. We can go on and on.

Now is the time to get your life back. To find the real you.

So, come on 2020, give me the ability to find and become the real me. Trust me you can do this. One of the toughest parts of this process is reflection. Allowing ourselves to stop our world and spend some me time. Enjoy just being alone with reality.

Somewhere quiet, somewhere special to you alone. Think about this very place now, this second. Now, take the time during the coming week to visit your transitional start point. When you arrive, do the following :-

  • Listen to every sound
  • Allow our emotions to visit our heart
  •  For once in your life, be true to the real you . Be authentic and transparent.

Only once you have done this will the journey of transition begin for you.

You deserve this !

Stay safe


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