We don’t want to change you, just add to you

Prior to the completion of this blog, may I wish you a very happy and prosperous 2018. May you remain safe, secure and loved in all that you do.

‘We don’t want to change you, just add to you’ is the strapline for m.h. Coaching & Leadership and has been since the day of our conception. During the past months, this has become incredibly relevent in both my personal and professional journey.

Life in general has a wonderful way of both encouraging you and knocking you down. However, in both instances it is of great importance that you are able to take the ‘add to you’ moments no matter what they are and store them away under wisdom and knowledge in your life journey.

For me personally, I have had some incredible ‘add to you’ moments, which have been highlighted by the emotions and trials of my cancer recovery and brother’s mental illness.

If you were to ask me what those ‘add to you’ moments have been I would say they were, to have faith in what you believe in, surround yourself with people who love you and care and trust in yourself.

We have so many blessings which are actually sitting right there in front of us, however it is so easy to neglect those blessings and becomes suffocated by despair and negativity. So I guess my real ‘add to you’ moment has been the realisation that life is so very precious and to make sure that you both live and appreciate it every second that you have.

So, ‘we don’t want to change you, just add to you’ has become something incredibly relevent to both myself, my family and my business…

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