Leadership & Love 

Since my last blog, I have had the privilege of spending time with some amazing young people in Romania and North Tyneside. What I have seen, and listened to has not only inspired me but also confirmed even more my faith in love as a real gift of leadership. 

The world sometimes looks at the word ‘love’ and completely underestimates just how broad and how deep it is. Without love, any relationship is going to struggle to both survive and grow. Hence the importance of knowing intricately the members of the team you are leading, whether it be personal or professional.
Love and adversity is an amazing emotion and sight to behold. However, the pain of arriving at this point is a leadership education which very few of us have the capacity to understand. 

Two instances recently stand out; one which totally challenged my heart and opened up my vulnerability to a point so far in my life I have not reached. 

The other confirmed that if you persevere in love with a compassion lead wisdom, that person will eventually listen and believe that the gifts they have been given at such a young age can actually be used to change the lives of peer group and family. So much so that an open speaker telephone conversation with this person’s mother sharing the gifts of her daughter had her in tears, and asking for forgiveness that she had not given enough time to see the gifts her daughter has.

So I guess to wrap this up, what I’m really saying is; telling and showing someone you love them is one of the most important gifts of leadership at any level, and is certainly not a sign of weakness. 

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