Success to Significance…

I have had two phone calls in the past few weeks, both from head teachers whom I have been working with for the a couple of years.

Both their personal development and leadership skills were identified as particular areas of focus and mentoring also became a huge part of their journey.

The two phone calls were pretty similar really; both teachers had taken their schools from ‘Notice to Improve’ to ‘Good with Outstanding features’ in their recent Ofsted inspections.

One of the most pleasing aspects was that their leadership and management sections were extremely strong, showing outstanding empathy with both student and parental needs.

If I analyse my work in the last seven years at m.h Coaching & Leadership, I guess the real emphasis of what we do is all about relationships and people. Many thousands of books have been written on the theory of leadership and education, but in reality, success really comes down to trust, honesty, respect, humility, empathy and self-belief.

And of course never forgetting love.

Everyday in my business, it is a priviledge to be allowed into the lives of so many people and to be able to help build legacies for the future.



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